In 2011 Pool – a leading advertising agency in Stockholm – was looking for a strategic and long-term educational partner in the field of experience-innovation. With many of their clients being larger companies in the leisure and experience industry, like theme park Gröna Lund, tour operator canal-cruises Strömma, and Naturhistoriska Riksmuséet, the National Museum of Natural History, it was compelling for Pool to grow new expertise and know-how in the field of experience. Pool sought to the KaosPilots in Aarhus, Denmark – the internationally renowned school in the field of innovation & leadership- and entrepreneurship design – where they met up with Imagineering – experience design expert, Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen (today In Good Company).

The first learning & exploration-journey into the world of design and staging of meaningful customer and target-group experiences was immediately orchestrated with Pool engaging by full numbers. With the Imagineering model and toolbox Pool found inspiration in the concept of more wholeness-oriented approaches to experience communication, authenticity and the importance of co-creating new experience-solutions with their clients. Also the new journey invited them to reflect on – and experiment with – the perspective of what kind of experience they themselves are as a company in the eyes of their clients and as a workplace in the eyes of all employees.

Pool is a dynamic, flexible and highly development-oriented business and organisation that constantly invest in growth and learning. They have a fine-tuned ear for value-trends that are here to stay, creative solutions that last and experiences that can be felt. It is no coincidence that they are described by their clients as a tight texture of family-feel and strong relational bonds. Pool is continuing into their 3rd year of experience exploration and innovation with strategic consultant, In Good Company and are harvesting “plentifully” as they put it. Meanwhile their growing passion to use leadership and internal culture-growth as a means for business-innovation is being pursued through the KaosPilot Creative Leadership Programme.

"...to make a profile-change from advertisement to experience bureau is not only bold, rightful and well-earned but also a promise and commitment that Pool wants to be held to."

Pools founding vision: “to NOT build an advertisement bureau BUT a solid, respectable and long-lived company”, continues to prove valid 15 years down the road. The driving-force comes from an inherent humility and curiosity towards where they need to be for their clients and themselves, and what they need to learn in order to get there. The recent step to make a profile-change from advertisement to experience bureau is not only bold, rightful and well-earned but also a promise and commitment that Pool wants to be held to.

  • Founded in 1998 by Hanna Steiner & Arvid Axland – is a medium-size full-service communication & experience-bureau in Stockholm with 24 employees and a turn over of 27 mill SKR (2012).
  • Since 2011 Pool has grown app 17% in turn over and profits.
  • Pool is a recurring winner of distinct prizes awarded by the swedish marketing industry.
  • Recently 2013 Pool was ranked 3rd on the list of Gazelle-bureaus in Sweden by the leading industry-magazine Resumé and has been voted as best agency of the year within both direct and digital marketing.