Inside Experience Design Course November 2014

Second time around with Experience Design Course in Aarhus, Denmark, an open sign-up course for international professionals.

The recent 3-day open sign up Kaospilot Experience Design Course took place in Aarhus, Denmark on November 19th-21st and it was a true mix of international professionals. 10 countries were represented and one came from as far away as the Philippines!
And as far as professional diversity goes it was to say the least a quite sensational mix of 23 exceptional participants from a wide range of areas. To mention some: from organizational development to landscape architecture, from corporate consulting in innovation & sustainability to service design, and from education to design & arts.

The experience challenges

The challenges we worked with:

  • How can a nursing home for the elderly in Switzerland turn the volume up for interaction with local stakeholders in order to co-create new and shared value for the community?
  • How can an international house of corporate consultants in the field of sustainable innovation use more creative & co-creation elements in their interaction with their clients?
  • What is the future user-experience perspective for an industry leading company with a new cloud-based software for the internet service-provider market?

The course – KaosPilot Experience Design

The Experience Design Course is a collaboration between the school of creative & social entrepreneurship, KaosPilot in Aarhus, Denmark and In Good Company, Oslo, Norway. Along with partners CORE by Mikkeline Kierkgaard & Andy Sontag.

Sign up for next course in May
We are running again in Aarhus, 20th-22nd of May 2015 – check out Kaospilot Experience Design.

"At the course we acquired new & unique methods for inter-disciplinary co-creation, and not just professionally but also personally we learned how to address and carry out projects with new and much more holistic approaches. Especially the deep dive into the building of emotional relationships between people and how to create ``spaces`` that inspire for meaningful experiences, was extremely learningful"

Martin Hjerl, landscape architect MDL & Rosa Lund, architect MAA - founding partners of STED,
A moment to truly remember
The authentic staging of an Italian village square with old men conversing over espressos on benches in the sun, the water well center-piece, and the incredible sound track of playing children, pigeons and church bells.
A profound experience to design from – pure as the water running in the well!
The course ended with a traditional Danish X-mas lunch at a long table serving pickled herring, warm sausage, red cabbage and ris a la mande – and a cold beer and an aquavit for the road! The only real way to mark the ending of 3 unforgettable days in the company of such an amazing group of people.

  • Thanx ever so much Jara von Lupke for your unbelievable space design at the location – you are fantastic and your vision unique!
  • Thanx to Reused by KMK for trusting us and letting us borrow so many of your unique things and effects!