Hello world, we are In Good Company!

In Good Company finally has some virtual presence thanks to a bunch of wizards and stars

. You can learn more about these geniuses.


Our design team has been carefully picked for their good ideas, amazing talent and for being wonderful people
. Together they contributed to this website, the architecture, the In Good Company Logo and visual identity, the design and an array of beautiful pictures and videos

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. Also a big hug to Brock LeMieux for naming us in the beginning.

  • Minh Dinh Tran gave us virtual life by designing the website.
  • Susann Johansen at www.straydog.no gave us a face and mimic with logo and identity.
  • Roger Olden www.rogerolden.com sprinkled love and In Good Company design-vibe all over the place.
  • Alex Asensi www.alexasensi.com has taken beautiful photos and made the amazing videos of the projects we have done.
  • Rasmus Hansen www.frameworkers.dk deserves a likestorm for being a “special still-hand photographer extraordinaire”.