Coming up in November – Experience Design Course

How to design and stage meaningful customer & target group experiences? The Experience Design Course is a 3-day innovation program that enables you to strengthen your business and communication with powerful experiences.

Save the dates 19th-21st of November – for more info and sign up, go to

The course in May was a meaningful experience for many of the participants – check out what happened here

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In the Imagineering-program the participants will learn how to design and stage meaningful experiences, emotions and stories – and how to attach these to their marketing-communication, products, projects and services in ways that create unique value for both business & customer.


The program takes a starting point in the participants own challenges which they will bring in and which call for an experience solution
. Subsequently the challenges will be solved through the creation of unique experience concept solutions by use of the Imagineering 5-step design & innovation model.


The extended experience economy is upon us, and it paves a way unstoppably through all sectors and industries. A profound shift in behaviour sees consumers, customers, visitors and audiences turning their back on offerings designed only to feed their material wants and needs
. Instead they shop for experiences that activate positive and fundamental values such as sustainability, social responsibility, authenticity and co-creation thus offering meaning and identity in an increasingly individualized, chaotic and changing world.

Customers want personal relationships with more human, honest & value-driven companies, and in the fierce global climate of competition, where it is no longer enough to be the best in ones field, companies depend on more long term loyalty from its customers.

Imagineering teaches us in simple toolbox-steps how to get ahead with unique and decisive experience offerings.

The course – KaosPilot Experience Design

The Experience Design Course is a collaboration between the school of creative & social entrepreneurship, KaosPilot in Aarhus, Denmark and In Good Company, Oslo, Norway. Along with partners CORE by Mikkeline Kierkgaard & Andy Sontag.

The course in May was a meaningful experience for many of the participants, read more about it here!

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